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Repair Service
  • Product incoming clean up
  • Component level repair
  • Module replacement
  • BIOS update after service
  • Burn-In Test by using Clients supplied testing software
  • Detail report including defect symptom, parts replaced and location

Swap Service

  • Incoming serial number scan
  • Visual Inspection on products
  • Product ship out according to daily shipping schedule
    - Our client will able to check shipping status through the on-line checking system

Storage and Support Service

  • 4x 4pallet storage available at a flat rate per pallet per month
  • 2x 6storage rack storage available at a flat rate per storage rack per month
  • Toll Free Technical Support Service upon requested

Other Services

  • Logistic warehouse for local swap service
  • Product representative
  • Product sample arrangement to your prospect

Edtech Canada

Edtech Canada

Edtech Canada

Edtech Canada

Edtech Canada

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